‘The 700 Club’ Issues Statement on Pat Robertson’s Controversial Alzheimer’s Comments


Addressing the outrage over Pat Robertson’s polarizing comments regarding Alzheimer’s disease being a “kind of death” that would make divorce permissible, Robertson’s show, “The 700 Club,” issued a statement to concerned viewers through its Facebook page.

In a comment published on “The 700 Club” Facebook page Thursday, the program moderator wrote:
Thank you for sharing your concern about Pat Robertson’s response to a BringIt On Question about a friend’s wife in the late stages of Alzheimer’s.

Having had many close friends struggle through Alzheimer’s, Pat has seen the devastating impact that it has on not only the spouse with the disease, but especially the caregiver whose quality of life also becomes completely debilitated by it.
While the anger over Robertson’s comments has failed to subside, many comments on “The 700 Club’s” Facebook page reflected a wide range of opinions, ranging from anger over Robertson’s alleged Bible misinterpretations to slight agreements with his viewpoint. One commenter also defended Robertson because he is an “anointed man.”
Sheryl Lynn believed Robertson grossly misinterpreted Scripture, writing in response to “The 700 Club” Facebook statement, “Sorry Pat, you blew it this time! Your OPINION/teaching is NOT BIBLICAL.” Lynn also quoted Malachi 2:16.
Source: Christian Post | Ray Downs

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