Online ‘Hate’ Campaign Targeting Christian Websites

paypal-logo.jpegHomosexual critics of biblical view of family trigger PayPal ‘investigation’.

A formal investigation of several Christian organizations has been launched by PayPal, the huge money-transfer company, because of an online campaign of “hate” against them by homosexuals, according to one of the targets.

The notices of the investigation were sent to Julio Severo’s Last Days Watchman blog and Peter LaBarbera’s “Americans for Truth,” among others.
Both websites are unabashedly Christian, and both advocate the biblical perspective of homosexuality.
The demands from PayPal came in the form of a questionnaire that required the site operators to explain the PayPal button on their site and “the purpose … of collecting these donations.”
PayPal, which returned a WND request for comment on the “hate” campaign against the Christian organizations but said it did not have a statement prepared, also wanted to know how PayPal would be used as a payment provider and whether the organization has “registered” tax-exempt status.
Severo explained to PayPal that his Christian ministry, through his Portuguese, English, Spanish and German blogs, aims to “inform people about controversial issues, including euthanasia, abortion, homosexuality, etc.”
“I noticed that your message came to me after a hate campaign against me and other Christian ministries,” he told PayPal, citing the website.
That online campaign criticizes “anti-LGBT extremists” who are using PayPal to raise money for “their dangerous cause.”
It specifically puts bull’s-eyes on Severo and LaBarbera as well as Abiding Truth Ministries, New Generation Ministries, Noua Dreapta of Romania, Truth in Action Ministries, Dove World Outreach, Faith Word Baptist Church, Family Research Institute and American Society for the Defense of Traditional Family.
AllOut alleges those groups promote “hate.”
But Severo insisted exactly the opposite is true.
Source: World Net Daily  |  Bob Unruh

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