Hobby Lobby Raises Minimum Wage to $14.50 After Victory at Supreme Court

Hobby Lobby
Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby CEO David Green is committed to trying to run his business the way Jesus might have.

After a massive victory for religious freedom at the Supreme Court on Monday, Christian-owned arts and crafts giant Hobby Lobby has announced that its minimum wage for full-time hourly workers will be raised to $14.50 per hour.

Effective immediately, the announcement also entails that part-time hourly workers receive $9.50 per hour.

Given the track record of Green’s retail chain, the wage increase is not incredibly dramatic. In 2012, the retailer was already paying full-time employees $13 per hour while part-timers earned $9.

The national minimum wage is $7.25.

Such an announcement sends a clear message to progressives: allow people to handle their own money, and they will invest it in ways no government bureaucrat could have planned.

But for Green, it is doubtful that this is all a political move. Green told Forbes that the entire $3 billion company belongs to God.

“If you have anything or if I have anything, it’s because it’s been given to us by our Creator,” Green told the magazine.

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SOURCE: Charisma News
Alex Kocman

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